Bed linen

белое постельное белье в лучах солнцаOur range includes bed linen for hotels from manufacturers in Pakistan, Russia and China. It is delivered in bulk.

To choose and buy bed linen that is most suitable for the format of your hotel, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with its main characteristics. They are presented in the table below.

To request wholesale prices for underwear and a complete catalog, please contact us in a convenient way.

Bed linen for hotels

Sizes 1.5-bed, 2-bed sets
Fabrics Calico bleached
Bleached poplin
Bleached percale, 50% cotton, 50% polyester
Bleached percale, 100% cotton
Satin bleached smooth surface 40X40
Satin stripe with a stripe along the 40X40
Satin smooth-colored without pattern
Satin bleached smooth surface 60x40
Satin stripe stripe along 60x40
Manufacturers Pakistan, Russia, China
Individual orders are accepted

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