Anton Zolotarev, Managing Director of MEZO Company:

фото управляющего мезо

«Dear partners and customers, I am glad to welcome you on our website!

MEZO Company produces disposable products for HoReCa establishments: hotels, guest houses, hostels, recreation centers, country clubs and health centers. Certain types of our products will also be useful in baths and saunas, beauty salons, spa and fitness centers.

MEZO is part of a group of companies that has been actively operating at the market for more than 15 years. These are organizations of various types: a printing house, an advertising agency, a web studio, production of sticker labels, kaleidoscopes, Christmas toys and other products. In 2014, we launched a new production line – cosmetics and accessories for hotels and guest houses..


флаконы с косметикой для гостиниц

“Why this particular market?” you may ask

The fact is that I myself worked for several years in the HoReCa industry. I worked my way up from Hilton night auditor to the chief sales and marketing manager at AccorHotels Group.

I traveled a lot around the world, lived and worked in China, Italy and Thailand. This experience helped me not only to understand the internal structure of the hotel business, but, most importantly, to understand the interests and requirements of both parties in the “hotelier-client” paradigm.

At that time, I identified several problems for myself and now, together with a friendly team of managers, engineers, designers and technologists, I am working on solving them within the MEZO project.

  1. 1. In most cases, the production of accessories and cosmetics for hotels is not centralized. This makes difficult to control quality of products at each stage of the cycle. Containers for cosmetics are produced in one place, content is filled in another, and packaging is manufactured in a third one.
  2. 2. Due to the involvement of additional contractors, the production cost increases manifold and becomes affordable only for large hotels.

  3. 3. Low-budget hotels can afford to buy only low-quality accessories and cosmetics or not to buy them at all. Not only the reputation of the hotel suffers, but also guests experience inconvenience.


If these issues are familiar to you, then we present a way to solve them comprehensively. When ordering cosmetics and accessories at MEZO, you get:

  • products from the manufacturer at one of the lowest prices on the market, as our use of contractors is minimized;
  • proven quality – before ordering, you get free samples and can personally verify the quality of products;
  • packaging and label to meet your every need, as our company has its own printing house and the staff of designers;
  • polite attitude and help in any matters, because we understand how important it is;
  • prompt delivery to any region in a way that is convenient for you.

стенд компании мезо на выставке

Dear website visitors and partners! Our office and production are located in Lipetsk. We will always be glad to see you on our premises; we will organize the warmest welcome. We are also ready to consider the possibility of a personal meeting in any of the Russian cities, if circumstances or the situation so require.

Become our customer – we produce disposable products for HoReCa. For the benefit of your guests, for the comfort of your budget!»

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