Our company is engaged not only in manufacturing of disposable products for HoReCa, but also provides a range of services which contribute to:

  • developing your corporate identity (or following a brand book),
  • comparison with competitors,
  • focusing on your own brand.

The realities of the modern market, which are characterized by selling pressure and maximum customer focus, dictate their own conditions, where image maintenance and branding come to the fore in the marketing strategy of any company, including hotels, guest houses, recreation centers. We support this trend, therefore we have taken care of the availability of services which will allow you to remain competitive and emphasize your individuality.


  1. MACHINE EMBROIDERY Machine embroidery. Any product with embroidery indicates the highest level of the institution. This is a particular attention to details. We perform embroidery of any level of complexity in the shortest possible time on professional equipment.

  2. LOGO APPLICATION Logo application. This is the basis of any company’s branding. We can apply logos to any surface, with any level of clarity and brightness. Depending on your capabilities, we will choose the type of logo printing that will satisfy you, as the person responsible for branded products, and your customers who are always attracted to such details.

  3. INDIVIDUAL PRODUCT DESIGN Development of individual product design. If you did not find what you want in the “Products” section, we will produce it for your special benefit. Slippers of irregular sizes, disposable products for children, shoe soles of different thicknesses, lapels, unusual fabrics, decoration, textile details and much more – we are ready to consider and realize any of your desires. We did this more than once and are always glad to those who are ready to create unique products.

  4. PRINTED PRODUCTS Printed products. Our own printing house and printing equipment are the base to produce any business cards, brochures, leaflets, catalogs, letterheads, plastic cards, paper bags, memo pads and more than 15 types of printed materials for you. We use digital, offset and large format printing.

  5. PROMOTIONAL GIFTS Production of promotional gifts. Pens, bags, badges, mugs, T-shirts, hats, badge ribbons, memo pads, and many more products can be the bearers of your ad or brand. Promotional gifts with the logo of your company are long-term advertising that will help you find potential customers in the most unexpected places.

  6. OUTDOOR ADVERTISING FOR HOTELS Outdoor advertising. Do you need to update your sign or make a new one? Do you need a branded car to take guests to and from the hotel? Our own equipment allows us producing any type of outdoor advertising, from traditional plastic signs and signs to light boxes, stands and more complicated customized structures.

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