Outdoor advertising

Like any public organizations that receive visitors, hotels and guest houses use a lot of elements of outdoor advertising. An attractive signboard or three-dimensional structure with the name of the hotel is necessarily located above the entrance, pavement signs with the information about the transfer or parking may be located near the doors, on the external walls there are signs with the working hours and legal information of the organization, along the way to the hotel there are various navigation signs. A variety of information brochure stands often occupy places on the territory of resort hotels, the hotel administration leaves important information for guests in their ‘pockets’.


You can place an order in our company for the production of outdoor advertising of any level of complexity – from plastic signs to light boxes and bulky advertising structures (including stands and racks). Our modern printing equipment allows implementing any design ideas in relation to these structures. Upon that, we can fully undertake the design development, or we can use the layout provided. In this case, it must meet the technical requirements, which our managers will inform you in detail.


Information and advertising constructions are sometimes taken for granted and not monitored, paying more attention to service, sales and some standard business processes. However, nothing causes more rejection by a potential visitor than a faded sign, a worn or a cracked sign, dimmed or out-of-service lamps in light boxes, and missed letters in the hotel name. We recommend paying attention to these details and correcting them in time. We are happy to help you. Here is the list of the main types of structures and types of outdoor advertising we can produce.


  • signs
  • plates
  • pointers
  • banners
  • pavement signs
  • side-mounted box signs
  • light boxes
  • three-dimensional letters
  • advertising on transport (branded cars)
  • promo stands
  • exhibition and information brochure stands, and much more.

We will be happy to produce anything from this list for your hotel, guest house, country club, restaurant, and cafe. The scope of the company’s activities is not so important. For more information about ordering a particular construction, please contact our managers.

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