Одноразовая косметика

Since 2015, we have been producing disposable cosmetics for hotels. Our mini-sets are distinguished by:

  • carefully designed composition and fragrance,
  • a design developed according to the time and where it will be used,
  • producer’s prices.

All products were dermatologically tested and comply with GOST, the supporting documents are provided upon request. It is possible to apply your logos, company symbols to all bottles and packaging.


Currently, we produce 2 lines of cosmetics – Hotel Collection Light and Argana. All the work on the composition, fragrance, color, packaging design for both the content itself and closed bottles and sachets of both collections was carried out by us. In addition, we are ready to create made-to-order collections, where each product will be made exclusively for a particular hotel or a guest house.

Disposable cosmetics Hotel Collection Light is a classic collection that is most in-demand among our customers. The color palette is a combination of dark gray and white colors, neutral fresh fragrance, and standard composition of the detergent base. There is nothing in excess, because this is the most low-budget line of our production. In addition to a standard set – shampoo, shower gel, conditioner and body lotion – the line includes soap in different formats and bathroom accessories in original cardboard packaging.

Argana – mini cosmetics for hotels that do not accept templates and value quality. The composition of all bottles includes argan oil, as well as, depending on the type of product, the expensive shea butter, keratin, which gives smoothness and shine to the hair, and panthenol. Warm, charming fragrance, with sweet notes, will be appreciated by 4 and 5 stars hotel guests. This collection is designed for guests who always appreciate comfort, especially when traveling. The key for them is the quality of products that are provided by the hotel in the room.

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