Individual product design

If the products from our catalog did not fit you in any way, do not rush to leave our site. We can make slippers, disposable cosmetics, packaging for accessories according to your requirements or according to your design. We have repeatedly created separate exclusive batches of disposable products for some hotels and guest houses. In this connection, why does usually such a need arise among hoteliers, buyers or owners of hospitality establishments?

4 slippers, beige terry slippers for adults and white terry kids’ slippers

Set for a hotel: adults and kids terry slippers


  • non-standard hotel format (design, ‘boutique’, theme, etc.)
  • due to brand book requirements
  • original idea of the art director
  • release of products on the occasion of a particular event, holiday or a period (New Year and Christmas, sports (for example, the World Cup, Olympics), festivals, etc.)
  • other reasons.
Kids’ and adults’ slippers in comparison, top view

Kids’ and adults’ slippers in comparison. We can produce slippers of any size – larger or smaller than standard one

Slippers with color tape, top view

Slippers with color tape. Purple piping at customer’s request

Black fleece slippers, top view

Black fleece slippers. At customer’s request

Terry flip-flops with extra terry soles, top view

Terry flip-flops with extra terry soles. Special order


What can we offer? Almost all ideas are realizable, from simple, dictated by practicality, to the most daring:

  • development of a design or a sketch for a product (or its packaging) from scratch
  • variations in the size of slippers (for example, for kids or for leg sizes 45+), lap blankets, variations in the thickness of slipper sole
  • any color of fabric for slippers, for lap blankets
  • complication of slippers and lap blankets decoration
  • production of company or designer labels for cosmetic bottles
  • creation of cosmetic lines with exclusive fragrances and ingredients
  • any types of packaging for accessories of hotel rooms (craft, designer paper, non-standard shapes or sizes of packaging).

Made to order terry slippers in different colors.

бежевые махровые тапочки друг на друге, вид сзади
малиновые махровые тапочки, вид спереди
синие махровые тапочки, вид спереди
малиновые махровые тапочки, вид сзади

This is not the whole list of what we are ready to implement using our production base. We pay special attention to such orders, because we are interested in creating something unusual and high-quality. Due to this, we increase the number of our satisfied customers, contribute to the development of the hospitality industry as a whole and, of course, build up production experience.

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