Catalog – products for hotels and guest houses.

Important! We are constantly updating our catalog ‘Products for Hotels and Guest Houses’. We are working to improve and expand our product range. We wish to create for you a wide range of product options that meet your expectations both in terms of appearance and quality, and in terms of prices.

If you did not find in the catalog what is suitable for your hotel or guest house, call or write us – we are always happy to help. It is possible to create exclusive accessories and cosmetics specifically for your establishment or chain.

Download the catalog  (21277 Кб, .pdf)


The catalog contains the majority of accessories and cosmetics manufactured by MEZO for hotels and guest houses. All products are provided with detailed description: composition, packaging characteristics, individual design capabilities, price (depending on order volume) and other important information. Each product is accompanied by photos.

Here you can find our cosmetics and accessories or download the product catalog in pdf format on your PC or mobile device (if it supports the corresponding functions).

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