гель для душа и шампунь hotel collection light, вид сверху

This is the first MEZO collection of cosmetics and accessories for hotels and guest houses. When thinking about the concept, two main tasks were identified. Firstly, it was important to create a series that would meet the expectations of most hoteliers both in design and in the following product characteristics: pronounced flavor, color palette and composition. Secondly, to find the desired ratio of price and quality, to prevent changes in these values until the end of the production cycle and eventually release a line that would also be accessible for low-budget hotels. We faced up to the both challenges.


флаконы hotel collection light на фоне белых камней

  • Flexibility. Suitable for most hotels due to the neutral fresh fragrance of cosmetics and unobtrusive color palette of product packaging.
  • Good value for money. The customer gets the best option possible on the domestic market at the posted price.
  • Compliance with GOST. Products are certified.
  • The most affordable line of cosmetics of our production.
  • Full range. The collection includes the accessories and cosmetics that are most often ordered by hotels and guest houses.


картонные коробки для гостиничных аксессуаров на сером фоне

‘Light’ in English has several meanings. One of them is – ‘Casually calm and relaxed’. It should be noted that the fragrance of this cosmetic collection corresponds to both the meaning and the fact. The advantage of the fragrance is its discreetness: each guest will be satisfied. It is important that guests who do not accept harsh or unusual smells will not be disappointed.

Fragrance of Light collection – floral citrus, with notes of bergamot, greenery, lemon and rose, with aldehyde, woody and musky notes.


флаконы и картонные коробочки из коллекции косметики hotel collection light

The color palette of the collection emphasizes the word ‘Light’. The bottles of the collection are made of transparent plastic. Boxes for accessories, sachets and other packaging are white. The fillers are also of neutral light shades – a combination of light blue shower gel, white conditioner and lotion, and transparent shampoo. The collection made in such color palette will fit the interior of the hotel of any design style.


The collection includes cosmetics in bottles: shampoo, hair conditioner, shower gel, body lotion; as well as shampoo and shower gel in a sachet, soap in a flow pack, box or corrugated paper (depending on the size of the product). Disposable accessories complete the collection. These are: shaving and dental care sets, comb, shower cap, sewing and cosmetic set (cotton buds and discs).

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