композиция флаконов аргана на песке

Argana collection is the second cosmetic line for hotels produced by MEZO. We released it shortly after the debut, classic Hotel Collection Light. This time, we did not have the task of adapting the product to the needs of the largest possible audience by means of neutral flavors and standard composition. This collection has a special mood, warm and peaceful. The composition contains valuable oils and skin care agents.


флаконы косметики аргана лицевой стороной

  1. Quality of ingredients. The composition of products for shower and bath: argan oil, shea butter, keratin, panthenol.
  2. Compliance of cosmetics with GOST requirements.
  3. Cosmetic effects of use: moisturizing, nourishing and softening of skin, glossy hair, easy combing.
  4. Pleasant fragrance and color, which predictably will please every hotel visitor.
  5. Positive feedback from hoteliers and buyers came prior to the official launch of the cosmetic line – Argana was initially assessed at the Moscow Hotel Expo 2017 exhibition.


флаконы аргана с декором

The core of Argana collection of disposable cosmetics was, and it is easy to guess, the argan oil, presented on the packaging as Argana Spinosa Kernel Oil. The argan oil is considered rare, and is extracted from the seeds of the tree with the same name, which currently grows only in Morocco. The rarity and valuable properties determine the high cost of this product.


  • - softens and intensely moisturizes the skin;
  • - restoring, healing effect (used in case of acne);
  • - anti-aging effect (achieved by smoothing small wrinkles and increasing skin elasticity);
  • - controls discharge of the surface skin fat without clogging pores;
  • - relieves skin irritation;
  • - provides intense hair shine, elasticity, promotes easy combing.

This is not the complete list of useful properties of argan oil, due to its impressive composition: unsaturated and saturated fatty acids (oleic, linoleic, palmitic, stearic), antioxidants containing vitamin E, sterols, squalenes, terpenes. As a rule, the content of argan oil in cosmetics does not exceed 1-5%, however, the effect on the hair and skin will be noticeable.


флаконы косметики аргана вблизи

The fragrance of the collection – a fruity accord with notes of orange, lemon, nerol, lily, rose, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla. After opening of the perfume bottle from this collection, the hotel guest will feel a soft, velvety, enchanting smell, prompting a pleasant rest.

The color of the collection – caramel – seems to play a duet with a sweet fragrance. Thus, the Moroccan note of this collection is emphasized, symbolizing the warmth of a summer sunset, when red-orange rays gently hug and warm the body. Golden overflows complete the mood of this line – exquisite and calm.


The Argana collection includes: shower gel, shampoo, hair conditioner and body lotion. A nice bonus for hotel guests – the hair conditioner contains keratin which smoothes hair, and the body lotion contains shea butter.

After discussing the wishes with MEZO managers, the desired items of cosmetics and accessories are added to the set individually. Consultations with a designer and a printing house specialist are available.

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